Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 words.. i HATE you

OK its been a damn long time since i write here.. now is a good time to continue..

Since i CANT write a long post on my faceboook.. i shall do it HERE!..

So u all know that my life is doing great these days.. perfect actually =).. But then there is always something/someone that ruins my time that i am having now.. and this person is.. well i am not that mean so i will just call that person SIH ( someone i HATE )

so SIH is a person who has been using me for my past 3 years since i dunno form 3??? yea so until i am like in college.. only i found out that i am being used.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH lamme-ooo.... SO because of that shit thing.. now my life is falling apart thanks to SIH.. i wish i never you seriously... i can see that my life would be soOOOO mUch better ... So i dont give a damn about how sorry u are when u told me that u used me.. but WHO THE HELL SAYS THIS AFTERWARDS.. ( I am so sorry ah.. but pls dont tell anyone that i did this to u).. WTH?? so u think u can just use me and keep ur damn image isit?? since that day onwards i never want to hear from u but sometimes i feel that imm being too harsh on u.. BUT NO NO NO!!.. i THINK I M GOING TOOOOOOO EASY !!.. now im being harsh and i dont give a damn rats ass.... YOU!! ruining my completely perfect life now is just something i cannot stand..

Seriously if i could tell the world who the hell are u.. i would.. but i wont .. so just to let u know .. AND YOU KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU ARE... So now part of ur imaginary image is gone thanks to me.. but no no im not the person who is making u feel bad .. YOU DID THIS TO URSELF.. so deal with it..

Oh and btw.. if SIH is reading this.. NOW U KNOW!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wishing stars

Feelings that i cant describe are usually very complex in my life.. They are either indescribable emotionally, physically, mentally or even socially... So this is the story of my life (again).. after my last post which was like a zillion years ago( jan 1) :P...

Currently what i m feeling is confuse, im confuse about life , about the choices i make.. whether or not wat i choose is right or wrong.. wat if the chances i pick will not respond the right way i wanted it to response.. I feel like everything i have done could be lost with one single word:(.. No man in the world would want to feel like this cuz it means everything to me...

Seeing that i abandon this blog for a month or so.. i doubt anyone would read this post so i might as well tell u wat i mean... In my life.. i have fallen for this girl.. She is no ordinary girl.. she is unique, funny, intelligent, sweet, out of this world, straight forward, open minded, happy , playful and many more... If a man is to fallen for the girl of his dreamss.. he would do anything, and i do mean anything to win her heart and possibly win her.. Thats my mission as well... I needed to figure out the doubts and flaws that prevent anything that could happen between us. But thats the thing.. i am afraid.. I have always been afraid. My fear for this girl is far greater than any fear i have encountered in my youth life. I know now that i am fear of... Rejection:(.. This is true cuz when u want to hold on to someone so dearly to you, you can bare to see this person slipping away from you.. it scares me to see that if i ever lose this person , my life would shatter, it will melt into pieces that only particles in the world could only see. Eventhough nothing has happen between us, i can sense that she may be the one but no man on earth could read the mind of another person. About how they feel, they think, their thoughts... It is just scary to find out one day that maybe that faithful person will just walk out of ur life within a second.. Thats why it takes only one word to destroy everything i have cared for..

This may sound selfish of me to say these things but it truely is the truth i have been trying to uncover of myself lately.. The thing is.. i found out that life is too short to not taking chances.. IF u found a chance to make things better, do it.. IF you found a chance to be happy, do it.. IF you are able to find the perfect person in ur life, dont let it slip away.. cuz u only get to live one day one time only.. Make your life counts... as i am trying to do so with mine..

I suspect not many people will read this blog as i mention b4 but if u took the liberty to look at this untouched blog over a month.. thanks for coming bak to see how i have been doing in my life =).. other than that.. wish me luck in this ..

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello world and people i dont know that read this for no reason =)... i just wanna say sry for not posting this yesterday cuz ITS NEW YEAR!!! WOHHOOOO!!! lol... 2010 is here and we are all grateful that we have 2 years left b4 2012 hahah... beware =P.. lol...

anyway the reason i didnt write on my blog for the past week or so is cuz i have been doing alot of stuff and i dont think i wanna talk about my private life here .... hahaa... well Not yet =)....

so i wish everyone to have a great year this year cuz it willl be magical =)

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hi guys.. ever wonder wat happen to ur soul when u think too much?? .... hmm i wonder... lol

Well NO MATTTER cuz im not gonna let u do any shit thinking in this blog post hahah ^^..
wat im gonna be posting is about my NON COMING OUT drum covers :'(.. sob

WEll its cuz i lost my camera 2 weeks ago if u got read my blog.. so i got a new one but sadly this new one cant record good audio ... SO IM DOOMMM!!! NOOOO!!... but i have been playing cuz .. who wouldnt play if u got a drum set AT HOME!! HAHA.... anyway my apologiseeeeee to anyone who was looking forward to my cover.. and those haters about my covers.. stuff ur head wif cotton butt then light it on fire then u can see urself enlighten =)... goood dayy!!!!

cya guys =D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Party yay^^

HEY all =)... its bloggy time ^^ haha....

Well these few days has been SUPER for me =) hahaha... not gonna go in details but needed to say that cuz i feel that way muahahhahha..... anyway what i wanna do now is post about my upcoming event which is my house party on 25th december !! YESS iTS ON christmass=)... anyway its gonna be a big party seeing my bro and sis has invited alot of people lol.. but for me i dont mind invite those people who wanna come hehe.... so if ur bored on christmas and wanna feel some awesome-ness .... you know who to call =)... here is my number... 999.. =D

cya amigos =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Legen...............Dairy =)

Waddup umbreis =).... another week has pass and another post will begin again hehe..

OK .. so lets see,.. oh yea i had an amazing week =)... i went for a vacation again!!! heeee xD...
so i went to langkawi this time with my family. It was a very very exciting, adventuring, tiring trip haha... So this is what happen from the start...

It was a bright morning, the birds are chirping and the monkeys were humping O.O..... ok wrong topic xD hahhaahhaha..... anyway.. it was a good morning... we started our trip by car to kuala kedah then only take the ferry to langkawi.. the trip in the car was fine... BUT when we reach the ferry..... LOL.... it was like HELL!!! haha.... cuz of this stupid noise that the engine produce so i feel like im gonna have my brain to explode into pieces or maybe even melt out of my ear... haha....

So after the ferry we went to the hotel called Berjaya.. dunno if u guys heard of it also haha... anyway it was very very nice ! =)... so on the 1st day we spend most of the time exploring the places in langkawi ... then the 2nd day we went to visit the aquarium and the mall lol... the excitement didnt stop there until the 3rd day... we went TO THE BEACH!!! HAHAHA... why i love it? cuz i seriously love going to BEACHES!!! haha.. the sand, the wind , the scenery... it was jaw dropping =)... anyway i did stuff like canoe-ing and beach volleyball! haha.... anyway it was a really fun day that day hehe....

After those fun days we went home.... it was a memorable trip wif my family =)....

WHich brings me to my current topic.. i just thought about it and i wanna talk about the word....
wait wait wait... i wanna make this a new news report =).. haha... i shall call this.. LATE NIGHT TOPICS WITH JASON.. haha..

so this topic i just thought of is the topic about the word.... ish...... YES this word <<<<<... ish.... when u hear the word ish.... what goes through ur head?? lol... uncomplete word.. saying the word is but drag it so long till u hear a "h" in it??? haha.... well this is why i wanna talk about it hahha.... wat THE HELL DOES IT MEAN!??? lol...

time for examples =)... i know u guys love it haha...
Ben : Hey buddy!..
Dover : Sup man.. hows life?
Ben : very very good man... hey i got a problem... u think u can help me bring my bio notes to my house now??
Dover : ish...... fine lo....
OKOK!!! wat the hell!? lol... so let me get this straight.. ish means ur mad or saying it to warm up ur mouth b4 answering people?? lol.... anyway.. here is another example... OH YEA.. just so u guys know.. all of this is hearing it from experience so i have no idea wat it means also.. lol
Eileen : Hihi
Dover : :)
Eileen : ish! why are dress as a chicken!?? and on our 1st date!!!
Dover : erm.... ish!!!! why didnt i notice this!??

haha... anyway... my question is not why it means people are using it when they are mad.... my question IS ... WHY THE HELL is it call ish anyway!?? lol... who invented this frikin word lol ??? ish..... maybe a dude in the past ate a fish but choke on it so keep saying ish ish ish!!!! so people were like... WOAH!! cooll word man!!! and u sound angry when saying it!!.. lets use it so the people in the future can follow our lame steps >< haha... anyway the dude died from that .. HAHHAHAHA...

CONCLUSION!!... dont make up words... or people will end up wif the most rediculous words ever!!! haha... PS: people can die also... =P...


Monday, December 7, 2009

Sign Language??

Waddup y'all !!! haha.. well so far my holiday has been better =).. but thats not the reason i m writing this post.. THE MAIN reason i m writing about this post is cuz i would like to have everyone's opinion about this... CMON pls tell me about ur opinion about this when u finish reading this post =P..

OK here goes, i wanna talk about.... * drum roll* ...... Emoticons.. ... Yup.. emoticons, those things that people put when chatting or something.. FOr examples :) =) ;) =x XD.. and etc.. Well these are just cool cuz i love using those hahaha... but what really really starting to bug me seriously !!! is these emoticons, ( i know some are not faces but u get what i mean).. For examples : zzzzz, ==, -.-", ....., zzzz..... ==""....., and etc.. lol.. Well i know i m being selfish or being just an idiot to think these emoticons can affect how i feel but its TRUE!!!! lol... sometimes it just pisses me off when ... hmm ok lets make a example conversatio k?

Mike : Hey man,
Hawk: Sup,
Mike: Listen i need to ask u a favour,
Hawk : sure, wats wrong?
Mike: can u teach me this topic tmr morning?
Hawk : zzzzzzz.....
Hawk: sure.., wat time ?

Ok! what went wrong there?? ok i know u guys will say Oh thats just normal !!! .. but think about it... ISIT???? ok so when a dude ask a person for a favour.. why THE HELL does the person have to go zzzzzzzz... then say sure..... I mean!!! WTF does zzzz means???? lol.... is he slping then wake up then saw his msg?? but if he is slping how does he type it out?? lolx??.... so anyway here is another example...

Moses: Hey buddy boy,
Zues : Waddup umbrei...
Moses: Well there is this party tonight and stuff , and i hook us up with these HOT chicks and did i mention they are FRIKIN HOT!!??
Zues: ...........
Zues : Really!? cool ... im there!..

OKAY let me stop u there.... wth happen there? DOES anyone here know what does ..... means???? does it mean *silence while thinking* , or just saying dots when he is talking O.o? ok that sounded weird .. lol... but anyway it just sometimes makes people ( me ) feel like ur being annoyed by my SUPER cool topics about ( in this case ) hot girls... lol??? bad example ?? ok i will think of better next time =P... but u know wat i mean...

OK LAST example..
serious... lol...

John: dude!!
Connery: ?
John : HAVE U SEEN THAT CHICK on THE BUS!!??? mY GOD man.. she is smoking !
Connery: REALLY?? where where?
John: Over there!! the one that look like ur mom but more hotter..... ><
Connery: =.="... (OR) -.-" ( OR ), zzzz, ......, (OR) zzzz....-.-"""zzzzz

okay i think u know wat i mean... but IS IT NEccesary to do such thing???? i mean cmon.... making a face like ur actually disgusted about something is just a new low..... say something like , go to hell man...... thats better right? instead of zzzz, ..... , =.=... i mean cmon.. lol..

Well i know this is my THOUGHS and MY THOUGHS only SO DONT GO KARATE BLACK BELT ON my ass when u see me.... lol... AND!!!! btw.. u know who u r that does these things... =)..... just to let u know =P...


and pls comment...or else this topic will be boring for me to check up T.T ( <<-- this means crying if u people dont know haha)