Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 words.. i HATE you

OK its been a damn long time since i write here.. now is a good time to continue..

Since i CANT write a long post on my faceboook.. i shall do it HERE!..

So u all know that my life is doing great these days.. perfect actually =).. But then there is always something/someone that ruins my time that i am having now.. and this person is.. well i am not that mean so i will just call that person SIH ( someone i HATE )

so SIH is a person who has been using me for my past 3 years since i dunno form 3??? yea so until i am like in college.. only i found out that i am being used.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH lamme-ooo.... SO because of that shit thing.. now my life is falling apart thanks to SIH.. i wish i never you seriously... i can see that my life would be soOOOO mUch better ... So i dont give a damn about how sorry u are when u told me that u used me.. but WHO THE HELL SAYS THIS AFTERWARDS.. ( I am so sorry ah.. but pls dont tell anyone that i did this to u).. WTH?? so u think u can just use me and keep ur damn image isit?? since that day onwards i never want to hear from u but sometimes i feel that imm being too harsh on u.. BUT NO NO NO!!.. i THINK I M GOING TOOOOOOO EASY !!.. now im being harsh and i dont give a damn rats ass.... YOU!! ruining my completely perfect life now is just something i cannot stand..

Seriously if i could tell the world who the hell are u.. i would.. but i wont .. so just to let u know .. AND YOU KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU ARE... So now part of ur imaginary image is gone thanks to me.. but no no im not the person who is making u feel bad .. YOU DID THIS TO URSELF.. so deal with it..

Oh and btw.. if SIH is reading this.. NOW U KNOW!

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